Welcome to The Vegan Kat!

Clever vegan blog names are a hot commodity these days. I must have gone through about 20 names that I liked only to realize there was already a vegan blog with that name… which leads me to a second realization. There are a lot of vegan blogs and there aren’t even that many vegans! Either we must be growing in number, or we all like to blog… both good things! So, since we’re such a clever bunch, I opted with simplicity. I’m a vegan and my name is Kathryn. Some of my friends call me Kat for short. Welcome to The Vegan Kat!

I’ve been a vegan for about three years now, but haven’t eaten meat in nine years. It’s always funny the kind of responses I get when I first tell people I’m vegan. There are a few that are typical:

  • I could never do that. It sounds hard, and I like meat.
  • Don’t you ever just crave a hamburger?
  • I could never give up cheese.
  • Vay-gun!? What’s a vay-gun?
  • What do you eat??

With these types of responses, it can sometimes be hard to even tell people you’re vegan. Understanding about veganism is growing, but there are still a lot of misconceptions out there. That’s why I decided to start this blog. My main goal is to show people (vegan and non-vegan alike) that being a vegan isn’t so hard after all. I’d like to share some of my easy, but tasty recipes with you, talk about traveling vegan, share restaurants and food that I like, and hear your experiences and ideas as well.

So again, welcome! I hope this turns into a thriving blog and community!

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