Blackbird Pizzeria

One thing that can be hard to find is really good vegan pizza. Most vegan cheese is just not that good. Daiya cheese is the best I’ve had, but it’s only good in small quantities and has to be melted enough.

If you’re craving pizza and you’re in Philadelphia, you have to go to Blackbird Pizzeria. Even though I live near New York now, I still go back when I can. I just went last weekend while I was in town. They have by far the best vegan pizza I’ve tried. Everything on the menu is vegan, so it’s nice to be able to order whatever you want without thinking. It’s a casual place where you can order at the counter by the slice or order a whole pie. They also have sandwiches, salads and desserts from Vegan Treats.

This time I tried a new slice I haven’t had before. It’s called the Haymaker, and it has garlic butter, seitan sausage, onions, tomato sauce, and fresh oregano. The garlic butter adds an extra layer of flavor that’s really good. I would definitely get it again.

I have a few favorite menu items I get often. The pepperoni pizza is awesome. It’s simple, but so tasty. I’m not sure what kind of vegan pepperoni they use since I haven’t found something comparable anywhere else. I wish I could track it down to use at home. If you’re more in the mood for a sandwich, I would recommend the chickpea salad hoagie. It has artichoke and fresh dill in it, which is a really good combination. I’ve recreated this at home and will share that recipe with you sometime. I would also recommend their hand cut fries which are made fresh to order. Again, simple but so good!

I’ve brought vegans and non-vegans here, and it’s always gotten great reviews. Another upside is that it’s not too expensive, especially since eating at vegan restaurants tends to be a little pricey. It’s definitely worth a stop, or two, or three, if you’re in Philly.

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