Moose Turns Twenty-One

Okay, I wasn’t planning on a new post tonight, and I’m struggling on how to make this one relate to being vegan, but it’s too surprising of a visual to pass up. I’ll go with moose are animals and we’re compassionate towards animals, so we should be compassionate towards this moose. This moose in particular eats apples. Vegans eat apples. So far so good. But eating fermented apples and somehow “slipping and falling” up into a tree, getting stuck, having to be rescued by fire-fighters and then falling down passed out drunk not to wake up until the next day and then stumbling around the yard? That is epic moose. Epic…and blogworthy. And just in case you’re wondering, the moose was not harmed, just a little embarrassed. Poor little guy.

Photo from CNN World – click here to read the article.

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