Terri’s and Tucker

One thing that’s nice about working in Manhattan is that there are a lot of vegan lunch options. I’m lucky to work down the street from a little vegan restaurant called Terri. They are completely vegan and certified Kosher, and they also have gluten-free and soy-free options. They’re mostly take out, but do have a little barstool seating area.

My favorite items on their menu are the Chickpea Tuna Melt, the Green Power Smoothie, and the Apple Cider Donuts. I used to work at a farm market bakery, and apple cider donuts are so reminiscent of fall. It’s nice to have a vegan version! If you ever find yourself in the Flat Iron District, this place is definitely worth checking out for a quick bite to eat. The staff is also incredibly friendly, which makes it even better.

Also, to update the kitten story, I picked him up Saturday and he is settling in to his new home. Here’s a cute video of Tucker falling asleep. This is not at all representative of his usual energy level. He is quite a rambunctious kitten, but I do love these sleepy moments.




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