Soy and Sake

My sister visited from California to go on a quilting retreat with my mom and me this past weekend. Afterwards, she came back to NYC with me, and we spent the past two days visiting art museums in New York. It was my first time at the MoMA and The Met. They are both great, but they’re so big it’s impossible to see everything in one go! After a good dose of art, I’m left feeling creatively inspired! I really want to paint, draw, take photos, and quilt (though that’s not so different from my usual state of mind)!

During our excursions, we also tried out a vegetarian restaurant I’d never been to before. It’s in West Village, and it’s called Soy and Sake. It’s completely vegetarian and mostly vegan. They describe themselves as “a unique blend of soy products with traditional styles of Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Malaysian cuisine.” It has a nice ambience. There are a ton of windows for people watching, and a large fish tank in the middle. It’s nice without being overly fancy or stuffy and the prices are decent for dinner in NYC.

There were a lot of tempting appetizers and soups to choose from. We decided to try the veggie Roast Pork Buns, which were fluffy and tasty. We also got the steamed Japanese Vegetable Gyoza, which were also pretty tasty, but I must say I like homemade ones better. They had a Tom Yam Soup, which I didn’t get to try this trip, but I’m looking forward to trying it the next time I go.

As entrees we tried the Sesame Chicken and the Sweet and Sour Chicken. The “chicken” they use was battered and fried and had a seitan-like texture. There are some types of veggie chicken that I’m not fond of, but this was good. Sweet and Sour Chicken was one of my favorites as a kid, so it was nice to find a vegan version. For desert we shared fried bananas with a scoop of vegan pistachio ice cream. Both were yummy!

Overall, nothing was a real standout for me, but everything we had was good. There were no duds. I would definitely go back. There are a lot of menu options that look really tasty that I’d like to try. It’s definitely worth eating here if you’re in West Village and looking for a good vegan option! Thanks to my sister Jean for taking photos!

2 thoughts on “Soy and Sake

  1. I went to Soy and Sake once with my partner last year. Everything they got was great (I remember at least a spicy tuna and spicy eel roll), but my choices turned out to be mediocre. I got a philadelphia roll that had pieces of Tofutti slices instead of vegan cream in it?! I don’t like Tofutti in sandwiches, much less in sushi.

    • I haven’t tried their sushi, but the dishes we got were all good. I agree, cream cheese or vegan cream cheese doesn’t sound too appetizing to me in sushi either, but I’ve never had a vegan or non-vegan Philadelphia roll myself. Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

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