Foodswings – Vegan Fast Food in Brooklyn

Over the weekend I ventured into Brooklyn to spend the day at the Brooklyn Museum and then headed over to a vegan fast food place called Foodswings. They have all the usual fast food/diner menu options you could want, and everything is vegan.

Their menu is pretty extensive, so it was a little hard to decide what to get. We decided to go for the Vegan Heart Attack, the Eggie & Cheese, the Sweet Southern Fried BBQ Drumstick, “The Seymour” shake, and a Cookie Dough Shake.

The Vegan Heart Attack and Eggie & Cheese were both good, but the highlights for me were definitely the drumstick and the shakes. I had “The Seymour” and it was amazing…pistachio ice cream with cookies and peanut butter blended in. Pistachio has always been one of my favorite ice cream flavors so this was the perfect shake for me. The drumstick was also good, crispy and fried on the outside and dipped in a tasty barbeque sauce. I could have done without the wooden stick in the middle as a fake bone, but otherwise it was quite tasty.

I would definitely like to go back sometime and try some of their other menu items. I’ve heard in reviews that their mac and cheese is really good and some of the other sandwiches look good.

I would say some of the other highlights of this place are the friendly staff and the novelty/convenience of quick vegan food with dubious nutritional value…something that’s rare to come by. Definitely worth a stop or two if you’re in the neighborhood!

2 thoughts on “Foodswings – Vegan Fast Food in Brooklyn

  1. It seems like a novelty since you can’t get fast food as easily as a vegan, but you’re right. I guess it’s probably not as bad as non-vegan versions of the same things, but anything fried isn’t so healthy.

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