How to Make a Soy Latte with a Stovetop Espresso Maker

For me, breakfast isn’t complete without coffee or tea to wake me up. I have become a bit addicted to lattes in particular. They are so expensive to buy at a coffee shop though, so I decided to learn how to make them myself. I admit I was a bit intimidated. I’m certainly not an expert on lattes by any means, but there’s a pretty simple way to make a latte at home that is really affordable. I’m sure some latte/espresso connoisseurs would have much more advice on how to properly make a latte, but this is just an easy way to get started. It’s much cheaper than paying for one at a coffee shop, and they’re just as good or even better!

What You Need:

IMUSA Espresso Maker – They’re cheap. I got mine for $10 and it works really well.

A handheld milk frother – Here’s an example. I bought mine at IKEA for $2.99. It works just fine, but I will likely upgrade to one that is more sturdy soon. They’re still not all that expensive.

Espresso – I’ve been using Lavazza Caffe Espresso, which I like.

Soy milk or whichever kind of milk you prefer


  • Directions on how to make espresso should be included with the stovetop maker that you buy. Here’s a video that shows visually how to use one. Follow the directions that come with your maker.
  • Here are the ones included with mine as an example:
  1. Unscrew the espresso maker and remove the funnel filter cup from the bottom half. Pour cold or room temperature water into the bottom half of the espresso maker up to the valve located on the inside.
  2. Place the funnel filter cup into the bottom half and fill with fine ground espresso without tamping or applying much pressure. Level off at the top.
  3. Check for the round metal filter and the silicone ring-like gasket on the bottom of the top piece. Screw the top and bottom pieces together.
  4. Place the espresso maker on the stove, making sure not to expose the handle to direct heat. Set your stove to medium heat and wait for the water to boil and for the espresso to begin percolating. It will make a gurgling sound.
  5. Once the top is 3/4 full, remove the espresso maker from the heat and wait 30 seconds for it to finish percolating. Do not lift the lid during this process. The top part should be nearly full of espresso when you’re done.
  • Heat your soy milk over medium heat in a sauce pot. Once you start to see some small bubbles rising up, but before it’s boiling, turn on the handheld milk frother and place it in the soy milk. The milk will start to froth up. It works best if you keep the frother near the surface of the soy milk.
  • Add the espresso and frothed milk together in a cup and you have a latte!

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