Weaving Using a Multi-Loom

I’ve been thinking about expanding the theme of my blog for a while now to include some of my other creative endeavors. I like making things, whether it’s food or art of some sort, so I thought it would be fun to share more of my hobbies. I’m going to keep posting mainly vegan recipes and other vegan themed posts, but will start throwing in an occasional post about some other things I’m working on too.

To kick it off, I’ll share with you my latest addiction…weaving! I just bought a little loom that arrived last weekend, and I’m already having a hard time putting it down. I ordered the loom from Hazel Rose Looms, and I got a 4 inch square Multi Loom. They have various shapes and sizes to choose from.

It didn’t take long to learn how to weave using this loom, and this instructional video was relatively easy to follow.

The process is pretty simple. The yarn gets wound around the pegs in three directions and then you weave over and under each row of yarn. Variegated yarns create interesting plaid-like patterns. I started off trying to use a thicker yarn, but it was really tricky. Thinner yarns are easier to use, especially to start off with.

I also don’t have the right needle. They’re supposed to be at least as long as the loom you’re weaving on, but mine was too wide to fit through the pegs. The shorter one is working out just fine though. I also need to get a little tapestry comb. You can see some of my squares are a little off in the middle, but I think the tapestry comb would help even out the rows.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with these squares. I’m thinking maybe a little pillow, or if I get ambitious, maybe a small blanket. It’s definitely addictive though!

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