Developing Some Old Rolls of Film

My sister let me borrow her Holga camera a while back. I had a few roles of film that I shot over a year ago that I hadn’t gotten developed. While I was on vacation I dropped them off at a camera shop near her house that develops 120 film. I thought it would be fun to share some of the photos with you since the best part of taking photos on a Holga is the surprise in seeing how they turn out.  I don’t love all of them, and wish some had turned out a bit differently, but that comes with the territory.

Because of their cheap construction, Holga cameras are known for random light streaks, vignetting, a slightly fuzzy look from the plastic lens, and often numbers and sprocket holes in the middle of your photo. If you haven’t used a Holga before, a good way to get a sense of the level of control you have are the focus settings which are a picture of one person, three people, seven people, and mountains.

I really like taking photos with the Holga. The downside is that it’s pretty expensive to buy and develop the film. But I like the surprise of dropping off film and seeing what prints you get back. Here’s how they turned out:

8 thoughts on “Developing Some Old Rolls of Film

    • Thanks! They’re definitely fun 🙂 The camera itself is pretty cheap to buy, it’s just the film and processing that adds up, but if you shoot sparingly it’s not too bad.

  1. nice work. i love my holga. great little camera, especially for the price. yup 120 film can be a bit pricey, more so coz ur just getting 12-16 shots per roll. u could also modify ur holga to use normal 35mm film, which makes it more economical. there’s a great video on youtube on how to do this. u can also buy the 35mm back accessory for ur holga…but with the DIY version, u get the cool ‘sprocket holes’ effect, google that if ur not sure wat it is! its awesome. and u can also save $10 this way 😀

    • Thanks! I’ve seen the 35mm mods and may try that out someday. My friend had one on his Holga. The sprocket holes are a cool effect. I like the square format of 120 too though. Thanks for the recommendation!

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