Hurricane Sandy and Vegan Pizza

It’s been a weird week with Hurricane Sandy. There’s still no power at my work office in NYC, so I’ve been out all week and cabin fever is setting in! I finally ventured out today and it was nice not to be stuck inside. Luckily, there was no damage where I am, but it’s sad to see all the photos from New York, Hoboken, the Jersey Shore and all the places that were badly affected by the storm. Hope you all fared ok if you were in the path of Hurricane Sandy!

I wanted to share a tasty meal I made during the storm. I’ve posted about homemade pizza in the past, but I figured I would share this new combo. I bought pizza dough from Trader Joe’s before the storm hit. I sauteed some garlic, dried basil, dried oregano, salt, and pepper in vegan butter. I used this as a garlic butter base rather than tomato sauce. Then I topped that with sauteed onions, vegan sausage, fresh slices of cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil. It made for a yummy and quick meal in the midst of all the rain and wind.

The storm left me thinking…how do vegans prepare for emergency situations? We stocked up on vegan granola bars, vegan soups and chili, almond milk, cereal, pasta and sauce, Annie’s Bunny Fruit Snacks, and all the usuals like water, bread, etc. What do you stock up on when a storm is headed your way? Anyone have any good tips?

Also, keep an eye out for the Virtual Vegan Potluck taking place tomorrow. There should be lots of yummy recipes!

11 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy and Vegan Pizza

  1. Being sort of new to all this I struggled to prepare as well. I DID get some shelf stable almond milk in a smaller container and made sure I had a lot of pantry staples – oatmeal, rice, etc. I iced the crap out of my tofu, etc. With all that said, I was all too happy to accept the generosity of friends while out power was out and ate some things that have my digestion a little out of whack. A few more days and I should be right as rain. ANd I’m finally not freezing my tail off.

    • Hope you have power back now! I have been vegan for a while now, but I’m still navigating what’s best to have on hand during a storm. Luckily I’ve had power throughout the storm, but seeing all the people who have been without power for days leaves me wanting to be prepared for next time!

      • We’ve just had it restored. Am now in the process of cleaning fridges and such. It was far more challenging to keep up my preferred eating mode than I expected. Perhaps it’s not enough of a habit yet. We also enjoyed hospitality of others to escape the cold. I ate what I was offered. Still feeling kind of icky. But we’re safe; the house is unharmed, the big tree that fell went the other way, and now I even have lights. Lots of lessons to learn.

        • Glad to hear you have power again and that your house is okay! It’s definitely hard to turn down the kindness of others especially in an emergency situation. I haven’t gone back to my apartment yet, which I know lost power, so I have some fridge cleaning awaiting me as well!

  2. My husband is in the storable food business and currently working on food supply options for vegans. It’s hard to find storable food that’s not milk and cheese and meat laden…

    We have buckets of things like dried veggies and beans etc and a propane stove so we can have food when the power is out. We live far enough away from town that we don’t get priority and sometimes can be without power for days. Hope yours comes back on soon!

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