Designing with Photos

I’ve been focusing on a lot of my own creative work and hobbies recently, and it’s been fun to see how some of these hobbies may be able to merge. For a long time now, I’ve wanted to find a way to combine my photography with creating quilts, not necessarily by printing the photos on fabric, but using the photos as design inspiration.

As I was looking through some old photos I took a few years back, I remembered an art project that I did in college. It was a pretty simple project, but I enjoyed it. Basically, we had to draw a design on a four inch square of paper. It could be any design, but it had to have elements that extended all the way out to the edge of the paper. We made the lines heavy with Sharpies and then photocopied the design. We filled a poster board with the photocopies side by side to see how the design played out.

This time, I decided to try this basic idea with photos rather than drawings. Some of my old photos had lines that ran to the edges of the photo, so I played with them in photoshop. I used just four copies of the photo and rotated and flipped the images. Most of them were in color to start with, but I found that making them black and white helped them look more like a design than a photo. I think the results are pretty interesting. I’m not sure yet how these can translate to quilting, but if I lined some of these up, they would look like intricate quilt blocks. There’s more playing and creating to come, as I figure out how to translate these in fabric!

3 thoughts on “Designing with Photos

  1. I took a quilting class on a similar topic years ago – which was the origin of my poppies quilt design. Let’s chat about this next time we get on Skype, I have some ideas for you!

    • Oh, that’s right! Your poppies quilt was a similar idea 🙂 Looking forward to your ideas. I think this is a cool concept, but I look at some of these photos and think about piecing them and don’t know where to start, haha 🙂

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