Spring Planting – Potted Herbs and Hanging Baskets

I finished up what I think will be the last of my spring planting, but at the rate I’ve been acquiring plants I can never be sure! For Mother’s Day I potted up a little herb garden for my mom. It was so cute, I decided to make one for myself too. I don’t have a good picture of my mom’s pot of herbs, but I chose the same pot (the green one in the top picture) and similar herbs to use for mine.Β I had too many herbs to fit in one pot, so I filled up two.



It’s expensive to buy fresh herbs at the grocery store, and buying a little herb plant costs about the same as one bunch of herbs. It seemed to make sense to just plant herbs that I use often to keep on hand.Β There’s a flower market every year about two blocks from where we live, and they had a big selection of herbs. I ended up getting Silver Edge thyme, creeping Prostrate rosemary, dwarf sage, apple mint, dill, sweet basil, and Mini Purple basil.


I’m not convinced that the dill and Mini Purple basil are going to make it, but the rest look pretty hardy.Β The mini purple basil just doesn’t seem to be thriving as much as it was when I first bought it, and the dill promptly threw itself over sideways as soon as I planted it. We’ll see if it rights itself again.


The neighbor’s very friendly cat also came over for a snuggle, which he does just about every day.

Neighbor's Cat

He also rolled around in the potting soil getting himself all dirty. Sometimes I think he’s trying to move in with us because he hangs out at the back door quite often. The neighbors have dogs and I think he knows we’re an all cat household and wants in on that. He’s a real sweetheart.

Neighbor's Cat

And last but not least, I potted up some hanging baskets for the front porch. I got the hanging pots at Joann Fabrics for a good price. They were $19.99 to start, but were 50% off, and then I had an additional 20% off coupon so they were only about $8 each. Then, of course, add in the plants which were about $40 total, so it ended up being about $28 per hanging basket. Pre-potted ones in that type of basket can run a bit more than that at most garden centers, usually $30-$40 around here, so we saved a little bit by doing it ourselves. We filled the hanging baskets with Calibrachoa (Callie’s Peach), Dichondra (Silver Falls), and Amstel Begonias (Dark Britt).

Hanging Baskets

So that’s just about it for our spring planting. Are any of you planting up any herbs or flowers? What’s in your garden this year?


12 thoughts on “Spring Planting – Potted Herbs and Hanging Baskets

  1. Everything looks great! I started my spring planting a few weeks ago, with seedlings in the house, and transplanted outside but we’ve had crappy weather (rain and hail the other day!) so I had to bring them in. Waiting for the hot peppers to grow a bit more so I can transplant them. I’ll post pics when I do!

    • Same here! We’ve had some cold and windy nights and I’ve had to bring a lot of plants inside and outside. Luckily we haven’t had hail though! Good luck with the peppers! I haven’t tried growing veggies before, but would like to someday πŸ™‚

  2. Awesome job with all the plants! I love how the neighbor’s cat is “helping”. One day I will get my act together and grow some herbs. Right now, I have a bad rap sheet of killing plants I try to grow 😦

    • I do too! I’m terrible at keeping plants alive, but I’m trying my best this year by reading up on what conditions the plants like. I’m hoping for the best, but only time will tell how I do! πŸ™‚

  3. I can’t wait to plant my Spring herbs. Sadly though we have just gone into winter so I shall have to wait a while. Your neighbours kitty is adorable. We have 3 fur babies of our own and they don’t take kindly to others coming to visit – seems they don’t want to share my attention.
    πŸ™‚ Mandy xo

    • We’ve got three cats of our own too, and they also don’t like visitors too much and hide under the beds when someone comes over. The neighbor has two cats that look the same and they’re both sweethearts! It actually took me a while to figure out that there were two different cats coming by because they’re almost identical!

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