Hand Dyed Fabrics – The Results!

My first round of hand dyed fabrics are finally ready! It’s fun to see how they all turned out with lots of surprises along the way. For the first batch, I decided to just use the colors as they came without mixing any of the dye powders together. I wanted to get a sense of what they look like on their own. They turned out pretty bright. Some of them are probably brighter than I would actually use in a quilt. It’s good to see how the pure colors look, and next time I will try mixing some to see what new colors I can get.

I can tone some of them down by over-dyeing. I will also use some of them to try out wax resist and then over-dyeing. What you’re seeing here is a middle step of the process. Most of the fabrics will look different in their finished state, but there are a few that I’ll leave the way they are now. I made little notes on each photo, so if you scroll through the gallery you can get more info about each fabric.

The blues took a really long time to wash out. They’ve been soaking for a couple days now and have been through multiple washes. The other colors washed out a bit easier. What this means is that I probably used a bit too much dye for the amount of liquid, although I was relatively conservative with the dye (so I thought!). Next time I know I can probably get away with a little less dye.

This is an experimental process, so there will be a lot of trial and error in figuring out colors and patterns. There’s only so much you can do to control the process, but that makes it fun. You never know what you’ll get when you unwrap your bundle of fabric, and you can always keep changing it until you’re happy with the result!


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