“Coming A Veg” Series and Liebster Awards

One of my fellow bloggers, Terri, has a blog called Bacon is NOT an Herb: Exploring Vegetarianism in Pennsyltucky. Her blog features some great recipes and stories about being vegetarian in Central PA, and I really enjoy reading her posts. She started a monthly series called ‘Coming A Veg’ to share stories about how and why different people became vegan or vegetarian. I wrote a post for her series, and it’s up on her blog today. Check it out! She’s looking for other vegans and vegetarians to share their stories as well, so if you’re interested in writing a post, find out more here, and get writing!

I’m also a bit delayed in posting about this, but another fellow blogger, Anne from An Unrefined Vegan, very kindly awarded me a Liebster Award. Thank you Anne! I really enjoy following your blog and all of your recipes! Anne, also has a second blog called Dough, Dirt, and Dye. Readers, if you haven’t checked out her blogs, definitely take a look! I’m frequently inspired (and hungry) after reading her posts!

So this is how the Liebster Award works:

I’d like to extend a Liebster Award to some of my fellow food bloggers. Here are my picks:

Rachel in Veganland: I’ve really been enjoying Rachel’s blog recently with her recipe posts that always look really tasty, and her thoughts on the politics of veganism. Check out this post!

Frugal Feeding: I enjoy following the posts on Frugal Feeding, and many just happen to be vegan or easily veganized! I really like his writing style, and the recipes always look so yummy!

Savory Simple: Her photos of food are always beautiful! Not all of the recipes on Savory Simple are vegetarian, but many of the posts are vegan, or easily veganized. These, for instance, are on my list of recipes to try…a simple vegan snack, that looks really tasty!

roughseasinthemed: She shares her experiences living in Gibralter and Spain, with some vegetarian recipes as well. Check out her take on Baked Beans on Toast in response to my post! I appreciate her taking the time to share her recipe with me!

Luminous Vegans: She describes herself as an “abolitionist vegan, liberal, atheist, nerd, knitter”, what more can I say? I always enjoy browsing her recipes and the great photos that go along with them!

Thanks again to Annie from An Unrefined Vegan and Terri from Bacon is Not an Herb! Check out their blogs if you haven’t!


Frugal Feeding Blog – Homemade Mincemeat Recipe

I just wanted to do a quick post to share a recipe by a fellow food blogger that reminds me of my childhood. It’s a recipe for vegan mincemeat. My mom used to make mincemeat pies when I was younger, but I haven’t had one in years. I think I may have to try out this recipe! I remember liking it as a kid, and it would be fun to make one this year.

The blog that it comes from is called Frugal Feeding and you should check it out. He posts a lot of recipes that look really good! I’m often left feeling inspired after reading his posts. It’s not a vegan blog, but a lot of the recipes can be easily made vegan.

Traditionally mincemeat would contain beef suet and some sort of beef roast or steak, but this recipe is a vegan friendly version. It’s a British tradition to have mincemeat pie around Christmas or New Years. There’s apparently also a lot of history and traditions surrounding mincemeat or “mince pies”, which I didn’t know about.

I’m wondering if a lot of people in the US still make mincemeat pies? I know my family used to, but it’s not something you hear about often here. Thanks for posting the recipe Frugal Feeding!