Sojourner Cafe in Santa Barbara

One of the restaurants I like in Santa Barbara is Sojourner Cafe, which is downtown on Canon Perdido off of State Street. They have vegan and non-vegan food. Everything is labeled if it’s vegan or gluten free, which makes it a good choice if you’re going out with a group that has different food restrictions.

We tried the Vegan Jumbo Pasta Shells, Split Pea Soup, Cornbread Muffin, and Chili Tempeh Tacos.

I’ve had the stuffed shells before, and it’s where I got the idea to try a vegan version of my own. The garlic bread that came with it was also quite tasty.

The split pea soup was also good, and I’d like to try out a recipe at home. Does anyone have a good vegan split pea soup recipe?

The chili tempeh tacos were on the spicy side, but yummy. The cornbread helped cool down the spice.

We couldn’t leave without trying out the vegan chocolate cake. Sometimes icing on cakes in stores and restaurants isn’t very good, but this icing was pretty yummy…almost like a light chocolate mousse. Yum!

If you find yourself hungry in Santa Barbara, Sojourner’s is definitely a good choice. They also have started composting, and they purchase produce from local growers, so you can can feel good about your yummy meal!

Tofu Scramble Breakfast Burrito

Tofu scramble is a vegan staple. Everyone seems to have their own version. This basic tofu scramble recipe is one I make often and usually eat on it’s own or with a side of vegan bacon, sausage or the roasted potatoes I posted earlier. It’s also fun, and tasty, to make it into a burrito. There are many different flavor options when it comes to tofu scramble and endless options to include in your burrito. Be creative and add in your favorites!


4 cloves of garlic
1 small yellow onion
1 red pepper
2 shallots
olive oil
large tortillas
1 pack of extra firm tofu – 14 oz.
1 tomato
1 green onion
veggie bacon – I used Smart Bacon
garlic powder
curry powder
sauce of choice – salsa, hot sauce, ketsup, etc.


  • Chop the pepper and onion. Thinly slice the shallots and press or mince the garlic. Chop the tomato and green onion and set aside. Saute the pepper, onion, shallots, and garlic with a little olive oil.
  • Drain the tofu and blot off any excess water with a dish towel or paper towel. Crumble up into bite size crumbles of tofu. I tend to leave them on the slightly larger side because they break apart more as you cook the tofu. Add the tofu to the sauteed veggies.
  • Add salt, pepper, garlic powder, curry powder, tumeric, paprika, and cumin to the tofu. I start conservatively with the spices and mix the tofu until the spices are evenly distributed. Then I taste the tofu and add more spices to taste. Let the tofu cook for about 3-5 minutes longer so some of the water evaporates off and you get some crispy edges.
  • Pan fry the vegan bacon in a little bit of olive oil.
  • Heat up your tortillas in a flat skillet over medium heat. They’ll be much easier to wrap, and less likely to break, if they’re warm.
  • Layer tofu scramble, bacon, tomatoes, and green onions on the tortilla. Add in whatever sauce you prefer (salsa, ketsup, hot sauce, etc.). Don’t overfill the tortilla or it will be hard to wrap. Wrap up your burrito and enjoy!

Rutherford Pancake House and Holiday Menu Time!

I already blogged about The Rutherford Pancake House once, but it seems there’s always more to love. I went for brunch on Sunday, as I often do. This week, the special was Vegan Stuffed French Toast with a layer of vegan cream cheese in the middle and fresh strawberries on top. I couldn’t resist! I love that they always try out new vegan dishes to keep it interesting.

We also got their vegan loaded nachos which were amazing. I really want to try making them at home. They’re topped with chili, daiya cheese, lettuce, tomato, and jalapenos with salsa and vegan sour cream on the side.

And of course, no brunch is complete without a latte or some sort of coffee. This one was pretty perfect. I just would like to applaud Rutherford Pancake House for their creativity. It keeps us coming back.

The holidays are fast approaching. No matter what holiday you celebrate or even if you don’t celebrate anything,  tis the season for gatherings of families and friends. As you plan your menus, I’ll be posting some recipe ideas for you to try out and hopefully add to your holiday menus! If you have a favorite or traditional dish you’d like me to try to veganize, leave me a comment and I’ll do my best!