The Creative Kat – Etsy Shop!

I grew up in a crafty family where there were always projects underway. My mom and sister taught me how to quilt from a young age and my brother taught me how to create fused glass. Now, I sell my handmade fused glass jewelry and textile arts at craft shows and on my Etsy shop, The Creative Kat –

So you have an idea up front, here is a list of prices for the various items I sell:

Pendants – $20
Bracelets – $25
Earrings – $15
Felt Ornaments – $15

On The Creative Kat Etsy page, you’ll find my handmade fused glass pendants. I also make earrings and bracelets, which I’d be happy to list on request. Each piece of jewelry is handmade by me. I’ve been creating fused glass jewelry for about five years now and started selling my jewelry at craft fairs last fall. I am also a member of the Etsy NJ Team and Philly Love Etsy Teams.

Fused Glass Jewelry

I love to quilt, which inspires my use of color and design in glass as well. I’ve been quilting since I was about eight years old and I love playing with unusual color combinations and simple geometric designs. Each piece of fused glass jewelry is created by cutting fusible glass and arranging it into layers to create a design. Then the layered pieces of glass are fused in a kiln where the glass pieces melt and become one piece of glass. Due to the somewhat serendipitous nature of fused glass, each piece that I make is one of a kind.

Fused Glass Jewelry in Kiln

My sewing work has been featured in various magazines, including International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene and upcoming editions of Modern Patchwork. By day, I am a freelance video producer and I also volunteer at a local animal shelter.

In addition to fused glass jewelry, I also make and sell felt ornaments. My felt ornaments are all original designs created from my own patterns. The ornaments I make are available for sale, and in the future I plan to create patterns and kits for sale so you can try making them yourself! I have many more items available for sale than I can list on Etsy. If there’s something in particular you’re interested in, I’d be happy to send photos of items that I have available and create a custom listing on Etsy for you. I can be contacted by email:

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